Student Financial Aid Forecaster is here... FAFSA4caster

Are you looking for financial aid and college scholarship information?  There is a new tool available for people who want to apply for federal student aid.  This new tool, called FAFSA4caster, is available to help students prior to their senior year in high school figure out what kind of money and aid they will qualify for if they want to go on to college.  Previously if you wanted to find out what kind of federal grants and federal student aid was available, you had to wait until spring of your senior year in high school.  Then you were able to fill out the FAFSA (Free Aplication for Federal Student Aid) application and find out what you qualified for.  With FAFSA4caster, students will be able to get student aid information earlier so they can make better decisions on what college, university, community college or tech school they should attend.

The current version of FAFSA4caster does not display all information about the federal student aid available, but they promise to update the service to do so.  When they do students will be able to see an estimate of their entire student aid package (which would also include student loans).

One of the other major benefits of the FAFSA4caster service is that when the student wants to fill out the full FAFSA application, it will pre-fill in 51 of the 102 questions.  This will make filling out the full application much quicker and easier.

The FAFSA4caster is available at and the full FAFSA application can be found at   

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