How to Make Money During College

Attending college can be very expensive even after you pay for the tuition.Food, housing, laundry and of course entertainment expenses add up quickly, but there are some easy ways to make some extra money on campus.

†Many colleges and universities have professors that due research.These professors sometimes need college students to help them with their work.These positions are usually 5-20 hours a week and offer competitive pay.The real bonus is that you can use this job on a resume to impress potential employers (especially if it is in the field you are majoring in).On the flip side, not only do university professors need help analyzing the research, they sometimes need participants to do the research on.

†Selling items on ebay is another way that students can make some extra cash.Look around the dorm room or go to garage sales and find items to list on ebay.Listing items is quite easy.Itíll cost you $0.30 to $4.80 to list the item (depending on the item) and then ebay takes a small percentage of the sale too.There have been many articles recently discussing the 430,000 people that make a part-time or full-time living on ebay.Why couldnít you be one?

†Donating blood will also allow college students to be able make some easy money on campus.It is relatively painless, quick and you can donate a couple times a week.This can be hard to find though if your college isnít near a bigger city.

†Lastly college students can always check the local papers for classified ads with part-time job listings.These can be kind of hit or miss, but if you need some extra cash they work great.

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