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Packing for college can be a tough thing

It's hard to figure out exactly what you may need in your college dorm room. Some things are obvious (like clothes, shoes, notebooks, cell phone charger, etc), while other stuff is not. This list is by no means complete, but all the main items should be included. Are there some items that we forgot? Let us know and we'll update it.

Here is a list of items that are great to have when you move to your new college dorm or apartment. They are broken down into different categories.

Kitchen Dorm Items

can opener
silver ware(plastic and metal) - both can be usefull at different times
cups (plastic are nice so that you don't have to worry about alwasy washing them)
plates (plastic, paper, glass) depends on the person
microwave - very handy for all sorts of food & snacks
papertowels - there is always a spill that will need cleaning
hot plate (used to boil water)
dorm style refrigerator (it is very nice to have)


desk - if one is not provided
plenty of notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, notecards
computer - good for writing papers, email, chat, music, games
printer - you have to print off those research papers
ipod or another mp3 player
thumb drive / jump drive - small usb drives used for storage
blank cds - to burn assignments or projects on for professors
dictionary - not really necessary anymore since you have internet access, but some people like them
paper shredder - not necessary, but some people like privacy


sheets to fit the bed (usually extra long ones)
pillow cases
alarm clock
flip flops for shower
toiletry bag
laundry basket, soap, dryer sheets/fabric softener, quarters for machine
iron (possibly - but truthfully not many college students ever use one)

Dorm Room Furniture

lava lamp
other lamps
stereo (if not using computer or mp3 player)
small refrigerator - great for food, soda, etc
baking soda (for refrigerator smells)
loft for beds - gives more room for futon/couch
futon/couch-preferably a pullout
small bookcase
trash can


phone card (I prefer to use skype or gizmo via the internet)
pain and headache medicine
digital camera (but diposable works fine)
small tool set (screw drivers, pliers, crescent wrench)
lock box for private stuff you don't want others to get at
small sewing kit


video games
guitar/harmonica/keyboard (if you play)
deck of cards
poker chips
board games

Other Dorm Room Items

framed art
other decoration items
neon signs

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