What is the best way to figure out how to select the right college classes?

Many college students don’t spend much time selecting college classes.  They don’t see the point.  Spending a few extra minutes each semester can make all the difference in the world.

Why is it so important?  College professors grade differently than each other and sometimes require very different assignments, readings and projects even though they may teach the same classes.  Many times you can find a college class that meets more than one criteria for college graduation, which allows you to take less required classes.

The best thing to do each semester is to sit down with a college counselor and discuss the requirements you have for your major and college.  Find out which college classes are required and what sequence they are to be taken in. 

Next step is to look at the course offering booklet to see what college classes are offered this semester.  First start with required classes that are prerequisites to other required classes you will need in the future.  Look at the names of the college professors that teach the classes (note that many times there are more than one) and make note of them.

Now search for other classes needed to complete your major, but that also meet other graduation requirements.  Make not of the names of these college professors too.

Finally, ask at your school for records of your professors grading curve from previous semesters. Ask other students who took the class too to find out what kind of professor they are.  Do they assign more papers, homework, reading, tests than other professors?  Do they do anything extra to make the classes better or more fun (i.e. show movies, funny powerpoint slides, tell jokes, etc).  If you find that it is a difficult professor that is teaching the class, see if you can take the class later with another professor.

Use resources at your school to find out about professors –
Use student websites and professor rating sites like www.pickaprof.com,  www.professorperformance.com or www.rateyourprofessors.com.

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