What is the best way to sell used college text books?

The semester is over and your done with your textbooks, so now what do you do with them?   You know that if you try to sell it back to the college bookstore that they will only give you a few bucks back for it....hardly worth it, but what else can you do?  Well we've put together a few options for you.

1. If you are going to sell your used textbooks back to the university bookstore, why not compare prices and find out who will pay the most for the book?  Sounds like a good idea huh?  It just so happens that we have created just the tool to do this.  Simply enter in your used textbooks ISBN in the "Sell a Book" box and we'll tell you exactly how much each bookstore will pay.  Some of the stores even pay for the shipping! . 

2.  If you don't like the prices that the online bookstores want to pay for your text books, you can try selling them yourselves on sites such as Amazon.com, Ebay and others.  The problem with this is that although you may find yourself getting more money for your text books, they don't always sell.  That means you get no money at all!

3.  The last option is to make flyers and post your text book flyers around campus.  This way you may be able to find another college student who needs the book you are selling.  This way you get more money for your used text book and the other student is able to pay less money than what they would have had to if they had bought it from the university bookstore.

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