Search for Cheap Used College Textbooks

Professors, you can help your students find 

Cheap Textbooks by adding a small line of code!

Easy To Add, Very Fast and Free to Use

By Adding a small line of code you are able to display a price comparison right on your class website.  This allows students to easily see the savings they can find online as well as offer safety in knowing they can order the correct new or used textbook because you have entered the ISBN for them.  We display the lowest prices available from the top online textbook sellers with the same speed and power that our regular website has to offer.  Best of all it's free to use as much as you or your students want for any book they may need.

Simply add the following code snippet to your class website or class syllabus and we'll do the rest of the work for you!  Just replace the "xxxxxxxxxx" with the class textbook ISBN. It's that easy!

<iframe src='' height='300' align='center' width='220' frameborder='1' scrolling='auto'> </iframe>

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